Welcome, my beloved Mid-Life woman!

You’re immersed in this amazing life transition that is taking you to the absolute freedom and self-expression that you have always desired. Congratulations! You have earned it.

And this transition comes with some symptoms that confuse you and sometimes debilitate you. You are probably suffering from

• Hot flashes
• Night sweats
• Inflammation
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Weight gain
• Digestive issues
• Low energy

Now, let me ask you…

• Are you interested in treating these symptoms in the most natural and empowered way?

• Would you like to handle this transition without being heavily medicalized?

• Are you ready to start living your life in your own terms?

I know you can do it, because I did it! You could certainly…

• Recover your juiciness and dive full on into a vibrantly healthy and fulfilled second half of your life!

• Reclaim the power you have given to received notions about aging and media messages

• Release toxicity from your physical, mental, emotional and environmental systems

• Activate yourself so that you feel more vitality, strength, flexibility and creativity

• Lose the weight that you have accumulated during these years

• Feel more confident, beautiful and sexy

As you recover the hope that has slipped through your fingers while you were weaving a strong safety net for others, you will be able to

• Live on purpose and shine your light and wisdom as a model for those women who are coming behind you

• And finally fulfill those dreams that you put aside while you were too busy caring for those around you.

This is YOUR time, my beloved!

It is my joy and honor to walk with you and support you in your journey of empowerment towards optimal health and mastery over your physical, mental and emotional bodies. You absolutely deserve it, and the world is waiting for your gifts and talents for the birthing of a new era.

As we enter this stage of our lives and are called to share the wisdom of elderhood, we are plunged into an alchemic process of purification by fire, whereby anything that doesn’t serve us anymore gets melted away. That’s why it’s so important that you embark in this healing process with the support of someone who has the knowledge and the experience of travelling this same path.

As your Midlife Midwife, I support your rebirthing into the woman you have always dreamt to be. Together we will transform your life by reclaiming your power, releasing old belief systems and toxins that have kept you stuck, and activate your being towards your utmost juicy self.

In this alchemic process of distillation, we recover our “juice,” the fluids that fuel and propel our life force and are also our medicine. The distillation takes us to the essence: simple fresh nourishment, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…

And as we start by giving our body the fuel that it naturally needs, the alchemic process is put into motion, toxins of all kinds are released, everything that is not in alignment with the intelligence of who we are is let go, and the balance restored.

I invite you to dare to embark in this process with me. Together, we will create an elder revolution towards health and wellness that will give us the strength to create a new way of being in the world.

I know you have amazing contributions to offer. You are capable of doing powerful, meaningful work, and, in order to accomplish it, you need to become the model for that transformation to happen. It’s time.

Let’s juice you up!

I offer you a free gift of recipes for veggie elixirs that will get you started in the process. I toast for your eternal youth!!!!
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