A Midlife Women’s Wilderness Rite of Passage, Patagonia

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Catch the Vision of your Midlife Rebirth!

A Women’s Wilderness Rite of Passage

Estancia Peuma Hue, Patagonia, Argentina

October 14-20, 2019


Transform Your Tired, Worn-Out Life and Re-Birth Into the Most Authentic and Vibrant Expression of Yourself!


My dear Midlife Woman,

*Is there a voice within calling you to move in a different direction, but you’re not exactly clear how to do it?

* Do you feel there’s much more you came to this life for,  but you’re unable to discern what it is?

*Are you tired of postponing a fulfilled and joyful life because you’re scared to take a leap of faith to make it happen?

If you identify with any of these concerns, this transformational retreat will help you regain the confidence to kindle your unspoken desire towards a renewed version of yourself, self-expressed and creative.


What is a midlife rebirth? 

Women at midlife desire to be juicy again, to recover their “mojo,” and grasp a meaning for those physical, emotional and mental transitions that they sometimes have a hard time understanding. Many times disenchanted with careers they dedicated decades to, confused, unable to see what’s coming next, they toss and turn around at 3AM trying to reconcile their sleep (and their lives!) in a restful and smooth passage towards reclaiming their lost sense of identity.

This wilderness rite of passage supports participants to recover their self-confidence, stand in their power and master their lives ; a rebirth of sorts at midlife. The unleashing of dormant skills stimulates their creativity to find unexpected solutions to difficult problems. With a recovered sense of confidence and uplifted energy, they commit to a continuous self-exploration and improvement, knowing that their life experience makes them the transmitters of the culture and the values of their communities. Empowered, they model how to live self-fulfilled lives and participate in the birthing of a new era of love, egalitarianism and cooperation


 “Going on an inner journey of discovery is best accomplished by moving away from the familiar. It’s hard to break old patterns and to see things with a fresh perspective if you settle into the same old, familiar groove.” 

Fall on lake clearer

That’s why we have carefully chosen the perfect location to inspire the quest for your midlife rebirth in one of the most pristine areas of the Planet, Patagonia.

We will find sanctuary at Peuma-Hue—“a place of dreams” in native Mapuche language–, a world-class waterfront resort in the beautiful Gutierrez Lake, at the foot of the Andes, where you will enjoy the peace, quiet and majestic beauty of the inspiring wilderness to rediscover yourself in a visioning journey towards your rebirth. For more information on Peuma Hue, please go here. 

We’ve chosen this beautiful location because nature mirrors growth from its reverential stillness. Aware of the powerful wisdom of the wilderness, following old vision quest traditions and respectfully using some of their elements and adapting them to a current day transformative experience, we take advantage of the healing power of the land, as a backdrop and womb that will allow the gestation of the new you. Moreover, the mindful walks, hiking, trekking, kayaking and horseback riding will enhance the process through physical movement.


Are you ready to plunge into the amniotic waters of transformation and allow yourself to be made anew? 

Are you ready to plunge into the amniotic waters of transformation and allow yourself to be made anew?


* A gorgeous environment that will provide the safe container to create a midlife makeover towards your wildest dreams

* Expert facilitators that will guide your journey of transformation in an effective, safe and personalized way

*The support of a group of peers who are yearning for a similar alchemical distillation of their most authentic self


Polly y yo en lo de SaintYour facilitators have over 35 years experience in supporting transformational processes. In fact, we have been planning this retreat since our high school years…   :)    Polly and Sirena have been close friends since 5thgrade and they have arrived at a ripe age in their lives when they are ready to share with other women the life experiences and knowledge that have brought them to be the empowered professional women they are today. Their professional trainings and life experiences complement each other’s so perfectly as to weave a tapestry of modalities that they will be offering in these seven days, guiding and coaching participants in a safe and vibrant experience of transformation.


And, did we mention that Peuma Hue’s owner and founder, Eve Hoter is also a life long friend Eve Hoter and BF and school mate of Sirena and Polly’s? (For more info about Eve, please go here.) This coming together of these three women 50 years later sets the tone for a “school reunion” of sorts, an experience of coming of age among family, a rite of passage where the witnesses are the closest members of the tribe.


Dr. Sirena’s over 35 years of training and practice of different spiritual traditions and women’s empowerment provides the structure for the rite of passage to unfold. Following a proven process following the wisdom of nature’s growth cycles, participants are invited to identify the stage of their midlife transition they are at.

women around firePersonal processes are shared and supported in daily talking circles, conducted in the Native American Elder’s Councils format by the seasoned hosting of Dr. Sirena’s experience facilitating these processes for several decades.


Polly Gallacher’s over 35 years experience as a clinical psychologist, specializing in family constellations, provides participants with the expertise and guidance moving through deep-seated issues that habitually emerge during transformations. In addition, her expertise in Cognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapy and mindfulness provide a psycho-spiritual framework for participants’ support.


If you’re clear that this experience is for you, please don’t wait!

Take advantage of our reduced prices, a real bargain for what this retreat offers!


Participant Rates


Double/Triple Room


Private Room


Glamping (yurts)                                                                   $1,825.00


Pay In Full and get a $100 discount!



*Non-refundable $1,000 deposit, remaining amount paid by June 1 2019


What’s Included in the price? 

*7 days, 6 nights

*luxury accommodation and all farm-to-table gourmet meals

*personalized instruction, guidance, coaching by experts

*ground transportation to and from airport

*ground’s activities: kayaking, hiking, trekking, horseback riding

*access to paradise Patagonia scenery and nature

*personalized support from Bliss Without Bother for additional questions

*a monthly Zoom call with the facilitators to prepare and build community (starting in December 2018)


A Sample Day…

*Early morning yoga and meditation

*Healthy Breakfast 

*Talking circle to set intentions for the day

*Instruction, coaching and interactive exercises on midlife growth cycles 

*Healthy lunch

*Wilderness activities

*Solo time

*Healthy dinner

*ritual, ceremony and creativity



  Your Facilitators

CLB-Divas-Sirena-1-21-2 (1)Dr. Sirena Pellarolo is a board certified Holistic Health Coach, international author and speaker, radio host and blogger. With over 30 years experience researching women’s empowerment, mentoring thousands of students and clients, and facilitating women’s circles, Sirena believes in a holistic approach to guide women navigate career and life transitions successfully. Her own midlife re-launch from College Professor to Midlife Reinvention Coach models for her clients how to courageously reinvent their lives by unleashing their unique personal power, creative self-expression and hands-on genius.

Sirena’s mission is to start a movement of Wise Women on Fire to midwife a more loving, egalitarian and cooperative way of being on this Planet. Towards this end she has facilitated Wise Women’s Circles for decades, based on the Native American Elders’ Councils format. She has been following the Red Road of Indigenous spirituality for over a decade.

Dr. Pellarolo is Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies. She has authored and published numerous articles and two books on Latin American performance and gender studies, globalization and new social movements, focusing primarily on women’s empowerment. She is co-author of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015) and Divas That Care (January 2019). Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Midlife will be out in Fall 2018. She is currently working on a manuscript titled Post-Midlife Renewal: A Manual to Thrive in the Wisdom Years. 

www.sirenapellarolo.com    info@sirenapellarolo.com      619-389-8939


Polly's picLic. Polly Gallacher is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Coordinator. She has diverse studies in the field of human relationships, personal development and body-mind integration. She has post-graduate studies in Cognitive Psychotherapy, Emotionaly Focused Therapy (EFT), Hipnotherapy, Family Constellations, Solution Based Therapy, Mindfulness and Energy Therapy.

She has worked as a Psychotherapist  with individuals, couples and families for over 35 years, focusing on the resources she can offer to solve personal and interpersonal conflicts. As Dr. Sirena Pellarolo, she has worked mainly with women in midlife and strongly believes that it is of utmost importance to support midlife women find their true self and authentic calling. 

www.pollygallacher.com.ar                  pollygallacher@gmail.com