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Reclaim Your Life! Secrets to Rebirth Yourself at Midlife


When: Thursday June 9, 2016, 6-8PM

Where: Hera Hub, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd, 400, San Diego, CA 92121

What: An interactive and informative workshop to reclaim your life

Why: A transforming experience to move beyond your blocks and create the life of your dreams

As a Midlife Woman, do you find yourself

  • feeling out of sorts,
  • stripped of who you believed you were,
  • getting strange physical ailments,
  • going through transitional stages of confusion,
  • not knowing exactly where you are heading in your life?

Don’t despair! You might be in menopause!

It is a well-kept secret that, during this maligned time, empowered midlife women have the opportunity to transform their lives on their own terms and actualize all of their latent potentialities.

  • Would you like to handle this transition without being heavily medicated?
  • Are you interested in treating your symptoms in the most natural and empowered way?
  • Are you ready to start living your life on your own terms?

I know you can do it, because my clients and I did, and we are now thriving and leading fulfilled, vibrant lives!

What if there was a way where you could

  • elevate your energy,
  • live a rich life,
  • feel healthier and more vibrant than at any other age?

If you’re looking for alternative ways of dealing with these challenges, you will want to join me in this interactive and informative workshop to learn about healing yourself from the inside out. I specialize in midlife women who are experiencing natural physical changes and also need support with the emotional response that causes them to get derailed in life.

After a lifetime of eating disorders and emotional eating, Sirena underwent a full personal and professional transformation during her menopause years. She changed careers and became certified as an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, offering programs that inspire her clients to reconnect with their bodies, minds and spirits. This journey led her to embody the Midlife Midwife, modeling for her clients how to courageously step center‐stage in their lives by unleashing their unique personal power, creative self‐expression and overall wellbeing. Her mission as a Midlife Midwife is to show by example how transformation is attainable for midlife women and beyond; that it is possible to stay healthy, vibrant and beautiful after the reproductive years.

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Reclaim your personal power and take control of your physical transformation, without having to buy into a traditional medical approach to healing.
  • Release the toxicity from your physical, mental and emotional systems that you have been probably carrying around for years without even knowing it.
  • Activate your system, feeling an immediate increase in your vitality, strength and creativity
  • And finally, fulfill those dreams that you had put aside during your childbearing and career-building years

Investment: $25 pre-paid, $35 at the door


Your Facilitator

CLB-Divas-Sirena-1-71-2Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., is a board certified Holistic Health Coach, international author and speaker, radio host and blogger. With 30 years experience in self-development, health and wellness, Sirena believes in a holistic and empowered approach to life transitions  through self-awareness, emotional, mental and physical detoxing. As a Midlife Midwife she supports women in midlife and beyond to move gracefully through their blocks and rebirth into a vibrant second half of their lives. She is the founder and facilitator of the Wise Women’s Talking Circles that gather monthly in San Diego and Baja California.

Dr. Pellarolo is Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies. She has authored and published numerous articles and two books on Latin American performance and gender studies, globalization and new social movements. She is co-author of Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness (2014) and Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015). Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A 30 Day DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Menopause will be out in Fall 2016 by Flower of Life Press.

El poder transformador en las transiciones de las mujeres

Desde una perspectiva personal, esta presentación interactiva explora la trayectoria psico-espiritual de los diferentes ciclos vitales por los que traviesan generalmente las mujeres, prestando especial atención a las transiciones. Históricamente, las mujeres gozaban de una comunidad que usaba ritos y ceremonias para honrar el pasaje por las diferentes etapas de la vida. Cómo logramos hoy, en esta época en la que muchas vivimos aisladas y carentes de una comunidad que nos sostenga y apoye, atravesar de manera exitosa y empoderada transiciones muchas veces conflictivas y mal interpretadas, como la pubertad y adolescencia, la maternidad y la menopausia? Esta charla apunta a rescatar respuestas ancestralmente practicadas en nuestras propias tradiciones culturales que, por simples, no siempre resultan evidentes o implementadas.

La doctora Sirena Pellarolo es Profesora Emérita de Estudios Culturales Latinoamericanos de la Universidad del Estado de California en Northridge, autora y conferencista internacional con treinta años de experiencia, Como coach de salud holística utiliza la alimentación como medicina (comida viva y desintoxicaciones), el autoconocimiento y la sanación emocional, mental y espiritual para apoyar a mujeres en la menopausia a mitigar sus síntomas con métodos naturales y realizar una efectiva y empoderada transición hacia una vital y productiva segunda etapa de sus vidas.

What If We Reframed Menopause?

sirenas flotando en cenote sagrado

Menopause is a process of distillation that reveals our core, our essential self devoid of those internalized “shoulds” that society usually bombards women with. This insight has helped me understand what “The Change” really means, and, as a Midlife Midwife, it is the foundation of my healing practice. I deeply believe that the transformative portal of menopause–if we do it consciously and paying attention to our deepest desires–, can take us to a fulfilling and empowered second half of our lives. After having worked with dozens of midlife women over the past several years, I have found this to be the most effective and sustainable approach, one that I first tested on myself.

In medical terms, menopause is marked by the cessation of menses due to a rebalancing of a woman’s hormonal system at midlife. Perimenopause is that transitional stage women go through as their bodies, minds and spirits adjust to this change.

The information is out there, and now that women don’t have to cover their mouths and lean into each other when talking about the M word, they are more aware of the issues raised by this passage and more open to talking about their personal journeys. They are also confused with the barrage of sometimes conflicting data that many times advocate using all kinds of meds to ease the pain of the journey. This is concerning because, with over 48.5 million women going through menopause in the US, they have become a profitable niche market for the pharmaceutical industry. Often using fear tactics to market to an educated, aging population eager to find solutions to what some feel is a betrayal of their bodies, many times midlife women end up disconcerted, seeking solutions outside of themselves, when they are actually well equipped to manage this transition anchored on their own innate power.

What if, by deeply reconnecting with our bodies and inner landscapes, we would come to terms with those at times frightening menopause symptoms as important physical signs of meta-physical imbalances that are at the root of this transformation? Would it be empowering for women to experience the hot flashes, the night sweats, the debilitating insomnia, mood swings and irritability as part of the alchemy of menopause? What if, like so many ancestral communities, we celebrated menopause and embraced it as a transformative rebirthing process towards a fulfilling second half of a woman’s life? Would the collective consciousness be lifted with this owning of everyone’s wellbeing?

Would this reframing mitigate the fear, the confusion, the shame that many women experience when entering this portal? Would this way of experiencing menopause support women in reclaiming their power to walk in confidence–even in the throes of a hot flash–, knowing that they are supported by a community that understands this cycle as a rite of passage, a retrieval of their authenticity, maybe relinquished during their younger years?

Over a decade ago, after I had completed my menopausal journey–a portal I traversed, I have to confess, not in a very mindful way–, I was fortunate enough to run into Joan Borysenko’s work, especially The Woman’s Book of Life: the Biology, Psychology and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle. This book opened up my eyes to the spiritual dimension of the change I had just gone through, somewhat inattentively. I had not had severe symptoms (except for considerable weight gain, that I rationalized was part of the aging process), so I continued to barge through my life without heeding the signs that it was time to make serious changes.

When I read Borysenko’s interpretation of those menopause symptoms caused by the heating up of the body, everything started to make sense to me. The author proposes an analogy to the increased temperature in midlife women’s bodies with a meditation practice exercised by Tibetan monks called Tumo yoga.1 This exercise requires the raising of the monks’ body temperature, to burn away “mistakes, erroneous beliefs, and ego attachments” that prevent them from recognizing fully “the nature of their True Self” (145). Interestingly, Tumo means “fierce woman” in their language, and it signals “the life force energy of every human being (regardless of gender), that circulates in thousands of small channels called nadis, similar to the accupuncture meridians” (Northrup 142).

Borysenko concludes that it would be empowering for menopausal women to reframe their symptoms in light of this spiritual practice, by “consciously thinking of their self-limiting beliefs, erroneous thoughts, stresses, and ego attachments and allowing them to be burned up in the inner fires of transformation” (141-2).

What if we educated children from a very young age to honor and respect the aging process of women (and men!) and invited them to look forward to the wisdom years that allow for freedom and expansiveness? Would girls educated in such a way still suffer at midlife the pain of moving through the blocks erected by layers of social pressure and disempowering self-hatred?

I imagine a world where women of any age are free to be themselves as whole human beings, expressing their uniqueness in such a way that their bodies would vibrate to the tune of their authennticity, never having to face physical blocks during their life transitions. They would come together to celebrate life and gather in circles to share and to support each other, the best medicine for bumpy times. This is what I want for myself, the women I work with and the generations of women to come.

1. The source I quote from is Christiane Northrup, M.D., The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change. New York: Bantam Books, 2012.

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., is a board certified Holistic Health Coach, international author and speaker and founder of the private Facebook group “The Vibrantly Healthy Menopausal Woman.” Sirena supports midlife women to manage their symptoms naturally and rebirth into a vibrant second half of their lives. She is co-author of Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness (2014) and Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015). Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A 30 Day DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Menopause will be out in Spring 2016 by Flower of Life Press.
Her upcoming Post-Holidays Guilt-Free Virtual Cleanse, is a proven way to jumpstart the release of physical, mental and emotional toxins in a safe, personalized and effective way.

You can also read this post on the Huffington Post.

Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause for purchase here!


I am so proud to introduce to you the collection I have co-authored with other twenty-four wonderful women. Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause is a “hot” resource that participates in the building of a movement of midlife women on a mission to deconstruct the maligned rap that this stage in every woman’s lives has received for decades.

As we reframe menopause on our own terms, we create a community of empowered midlife women who dare to use this portal of transformation to give birth to the best version of themselves they could have ever thought they could become.

Are you ready to join this midlife women’s movement that will revolutionize life as we know it? If you are, read about how other sisters have done it already, by purchasing your copy of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause, here.

Please check a preview of the chapter I contributed to for this anthology, “Writing As A Process of Rebirthing.” 

And one more thing. When you purchase your copy in my website,  you will get free shipping and a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me ($150 value), to kick-start your transformation.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Bochorno* escolar: Hot Flashes At School

Spanish 304 final "exam" at Mercado Buenos Aires, Northridge, CA

“Se siente bien, maestra?” the student who was sitting directly in front of me asked. “Are you ok?”

I could barely respond. I was standing there, in the middle of the circle of students–my favorite format for conducting class– trying to keep my “cool” and remember what I was doing there. I had felt a hot flash mounting up my legs from the very bottom of my feet, increasing temperature as it ascended, until it got to its highest tension in my face and head. It then erupted in visible sweat that flashed my face and made my neck and armpits moist. It was a power surge indeed, and my face was red as a tomato and my consciousness astral travelling.

When I was able to finally come back to my senses, I sat down in front of twenty faces that looked at me in horror. And then I calmly said: “It’s a hot flash!”

That day I learnt that it was better to warn my students as soon as I felt the glimpse of a hot flash coming. It didn’t matter if I was lecturing about tango women or Eva Perón, or if the designated student was giving a presentation about that day’s reading. As soon as I felt my head becoming lighter at the onset of what I felt was an of out-of-body experience unfailingly resulting in a dangerous increase of my body temperature, I would yell “Hot flash!”

In time, my students became accustomed to my interruptions of lectures with the disclosing in real time of what my body was going through. They actually started liking the fact that they were privy to my most intimate symptoms punctuating the change I was undergoing in menopause. And one of them, compassionate enough of my desperation to find anything to fan my fiery body with during those trances, one day came to class with a “present.”

“Maestra,” she said. “Last weekend I was in Las Vegas, and my older sister took me to this show, Menopause, the Musical. It reminded me of you. They were giving out these cute fans to audience members, and I thought it would come in handy when you’re teaching class and those hot flashes take you by surprise. “

I looked at the simple tool: a white hand fan with the inscription Menopause, the Musical on its reverse side. I looked at it in appreciation, and thanked the student for her mindfulness. I understood then the importance of these gadgets, and how I had seen my abuelita holding the most exquisite collection of silk fans during her outings. She was a pro at opening and closing it with just a twist of her wrist in a gesture that made her look as a sophisticated matron, who knew what to do with her hands in social gatherings. So now I knew what those fans were actually for!

Needless to say, I tucked the white fan in the bag where I carried my books and folders. It accompanied me to school during those long peri-menopausal years and helped me cool off when needed. It was also good that my school fan was simpler than the beautifully embroidered ones that my abuelita flaunted during tea parties and other social occasions. All things considered, Amalia’s thoughtful gift might have been plain, but it embodied her care, and it also kept me “shame-free” at school.

*bochorno means “shame” in Spanish. The same word was used to name hot flashes, referencing a link between uncontrolled body reactions in aging women and shame.

Going South: Conversations with Pachamama


In the eve of the Fall equinox, I’m posting this text I wrote in early April, as an alternative to the benign version of the Earth Mother archetype that is usually celebrated in this harvest season. It was written as pat of the “Conversations with the Goddess” series, right before I went back “home” to Buenos Aires, three years after my last visit. I knew it was a time of transformation, in the eve of my 60th birthday, and the fears that took over me dove me deep into another dark night of the soul. Earth Mother is more Coatlicue (kualyque, I miss you so much, Ruben Mendoza!) than Tonantzin. I’ve been talking to so many women who are plunged into the underworld now, into the cave. I honor them for their courage. This post is for them. Endure!

“Vuelvo al sur, como se vuelve siempre al amor…”

Mama, Pachamama,

piecitos de tierra blanda,

agüita de manantial,

en tu amplio regazo

me entrego a soñar…

I know of your millenary wisdom, your patience. Let me find solace in your womb, in that fertile ground from where everything grows…

Mama, Pachamama, I return now to you, to my origins, sixty years later… I’m a grandmother unnamed-3now, an abuelita, closer to your/my essence.

How do I close the cycle that started twenty seven years ago—que veintisiete años no es nada…–, when I left the earthy security of motherland and family, in search for widened horizons en el Norte, babies in tow, to start a new life on the other end of the continent?

What face do I present now to family and friends who stayed back home, some saddened, others confused, most excited by the fruits I would bring back as trophies of a fullfilled life? Ritorna trionfatora…

Volveré y sere millones… curandera y ñusta, maíz y yerba mate, asaditos y achuras

As an elder now, I share with you my concerns… Why am I so scared of my own magic powers? How can I accept myself, approve of myself? Of being grateful for everything I have achieved?

It’s wake up call time and I’m scared to death to face my demons and insecurities about my sustainability. I could have continued writing, but I needed to detour and face what was really a priority right now. It has pushed me to face my demons. And here I am, scared to death, ungrounded with so much traveling.

It’s time to focus my spinning inward.

Mama, Pachamama, piecitos de tierra blanda, agüita de manantial.

Here I am, at the end of my journey, of my Camino that inadvertently brought me home, a los orígenes., my destination. Time to integrate and face so many fears I walked away from 27 years ago. Time to saldar cuentas con mi pasado, with that scared young woman who arrogantly turned her back and rejected the privilege she was born into. How dare I? Time to suturar las heridas, that open wound that has been draining every drop of energy since, that deep hole that I’ve never been able to fill up, no matter how much food I ingested, how many sexual experiences I had, how many degrees I collected.

Time to face the simple, naked truth that I’m facing right now. THIS is where my journey has led me to, THIS is el fondo del fondo (“y si ne el fondo, no hay fondo?” como diría Mario Morales).

Mama, Pachamama, piecitos de tierra blanda, agüita de manantial.

I come to you naked, surrounded by those familiar sounds from childhood, those shady streets of my youth, where my steps wove the unseen texture of my life, la trama oculta.

This is grounding time, this is what you’re asking of me now: “your travels have brought you here, to the deep abyss of your soul, to face her in her full fierceness.” It’s time to become still and face the darkness.

Mama, Pachamama, agüita de manantial.

My feet are also made of mud, like you, I’m crumbling in this dark energy of the Mother, that terrible Mother that pulls me into her core, I’m finally facing within and without.

Mama, Pachamama, piecitos de tierra blanda… Just take me to the depths of this darkness, to your womb, to my wound–” that I may be reborn again,” I was going to say, but it seems it wont be that easy now, not so fast this time.

unnamed-2Mama, Pachamama, it feels like Kali chopping off heads and the final remnants of unwanted baggage. Let me ground myself in this funk, marinate in the muck of this fear, let me face the terrible face of God in this present moment.

Y no hay estatuas de sal del otro lado, because I am made of salt, I’m the one who’s paralyzed like a statue, immobilized by fear. Entering the serpent, coiling deep within that golden bowl of my pelvis bone, contracting until it’s the size of a gold nugget, accumulating energy, gathering whatever toxins and loose ends there were in my second chakra. Imploding in a black hole to nowhere.

Mama, Pachamama, I know my plea is long, and that I’m not even allowing you to respond. I see you hierática as Coatlicue, skulls hanging from your skirt like the ruthless Kali. I surrender to your warm womb, my dark wound, that golden chalice where I dissolve into nothingness, this time for real, without agendas. No holy grail here, no signs of an outcome. No more liberation narratives, social or spiritual. I’m in suspension, in Nepantla again.

This time really going deep into the nothingness of the present moment, no Presence to walk with.

Mama, Pachamama, agüita de manantial, it’s time to die again.

Que se vayan! Que me dejen morir!


Recover Your Juiciness In Four Simple Steps: An Interview With Womens’ Speakers Association TV

I elaborate the same concepts I introduce in this interview in a post I published in The Menopause Goddess Blog. 

Many of my clients who are going through menopause come to me confused, disempowered and at times, resigned to their lot, as they believe that what they are going through is just a natural part of the aging process. Their low energy levels, digestive issues and sometimes weight gain have them depressed, isolated and lonely.

Is this you? Have you given up and thrown up your arms in despair? If it is, I will guide you in four simple steps to regain your mastery by reconnecting with your body, mind and spirit. As a result, your feelings of frustration, lack of confidence and self-esteem will melt away and you will start experiencing your life on your own terms. My role as a Midlife Midwife is to support midlife women to master their lives, recover their self-confidence and stand in their power; a rebirth of sorts at midlife. I’ve seen clients turn around their lives and feel empowered, vibrantly healthy and energetic, with a renewed zest for life. Take Cheryl’s example.

Cheryl is an entrepreneur who is going through peri-menopause. When she came to me, she was in a family situation where she was perpetuating a codependent role she had picked up from childhood with her own adult children and sister. She had been having a semi-satisfying long distance relationship with a man several decades her elder, who was extremely generous and provided for her every need. In spite of this, she was very reluctant to open up her heart completely to him, as her family drama had her stuck in a no-win situation.

As soon as Cheryl started to pay attention to her diet and exercise routine, she recovered a sense of wellbeing, and as a consequence, other areas of her life became lighter, too. After a not-so-easy break away from the family, she decided to leave the city, move in with her lover and give this relationship a chance.

This decision proved to be the best she could have ever done in her life! As she moved out of the family dynamics, her children and sister found their own sustainability and she is now enjoying the most loving and caring relationship she could have ever dreamt of, in a new community where she feels loved, accepted and supported. She has been able to refocus her business and is thriving as an entrepreneur. I’m so happy for her, as she is an example of how letting go of old dysfunctional patterns and deciding to put ourselves first, transforms our lives in unimaginable ways.

In my work supporting midlife women, I firmly believe in the autonomy and self-reliance we can tap into by creating an environment that promotes a healthy passage when approaching the Change. Our bodies are infinitely intelligent, “physical and emotional health is our natural state, even during this time of transition,” Dr. Northrup reminds us in The Wisdom of Menopause, Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change. And she adds against the current prevailing wisdom and the trend toward highly medicalizing this life change, that “perimenopause is a normal process, not a disease” (116).

As a Midlife Midwife I guide, support and encourage you to find within yourself that innate intelligence to move through this time consciously, connected to your inner wisdom and empowered to make the right choices according to your individual needs.

In many of the healing processes I have witnessed, I was able to identify four stages in the recovering of health and vibrancy, and basically, self-power. There is a logical order to these stages, but they are not necessarily chronological, there is a flow, like a spiral flow, where stages at times overlap and at others are repeated, but, for the sake of clarity, I will try to describe each stage separately so that you can understand the characteristics of each one.

The first stage is to reclaim our power that we have given away to messages that come from external sources, like the media, family, or church, in brief, the prevailing wisdom about aging and the expendability of women after fifty. Although aging Baby Boomers are changing this belief system around, we still need to be attentive to not allow these negative messages to become internalized in our psyche as they control our perception of ourselves in disempowering ways. The first necessary step then is to reframe this passage on our own terms, listening to our own truth and unplugging from environmental noise.

The second stage is to release what doesn’t serve us anymore, be it physical, mental, emotional or environmental toxins. The lightness of being that a holistic cleanse of this sort affords us makes space for the new to sweep us up and move us forward, in the direction that our intentions take us. We will thus be able to make more personalized choices in the creation of our own conditions.

The third stage is to activate ourselves with supportive habits towards health. Lighter now from the clean-up, we become energized by putting into motion practices such as a nutrient rich diet, vigorous exercise and a personalized spirituality that will speed up our journey towards the next phase of our lives.

The fourth stage is founded on our courage and readiness to transform. After the requalification of our beings, there is a next step that we need to take if we are willing, which is to become a brighter version of ourselves. When we muster the strength and determination to take that ultimate leap of faith, we will be living on purpose, ready to recover those dreams that we had put in the back burner during our child bearing years. It’s our time now to serve others as we model for them how to transform, creating in that way a ripple effect that eventually will change the world.

As an example of going through this transforming process, these past three months, after uprooting myself from the city I had lived in for twenty-six years, I am fulfilling a dream I’ve had for some time, of traveling through the Americas and writing. I am working on a DIY guide for an empowered and healthy menopause based on the four stages described above. I address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation with the support of daily exercises and tips.

I have also designed a program, 90 Days to Revitalize Your Body, Mind and Spirit, that follows the four stages of healing I cover in my book. If you feel that you –or anyone you know– might benefit from my program, please share this information with them. Fill out a Juicy Breakthrough Session form to see if we are good fit.

Wishing you the best during the Change,

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., your Midlife Midwife

Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause out on September 1st!


Hello friends!

I have a simple question for you, and I already know the answer… Ready?

“Do you know anyone whose life has been impacted by Menopause?”

It’s like asking if you ever have…

  • Been a woman
  • Had a mother
  • Known a woman

I don’t need to be a mind reader to know that everyone will answer “yes.”

Let’s face it—everybody is impacted by the “Change,” and a special group of women (including yours truly) have joined hands to compile the stories and secrets of our journeys.

With a goal of sharing both our knowledge and experience, Menopause Mavens was born, and this book is the culmination of our work together.

Take 25 dynamic women who want to tell their story—give them the opportunity to be honest, emotional, as raw as they want—and look out world!

The Mavens are here to open their hearts, share the truth of this unavoidable rite of passage, and turn the often-mysterious experience into a sacred, magical space, filled with the potential to be transformational.

We can’t avoid it, so… let’s pull together and make life’s biggest transition a place to evolve, and set the stage for the shift that will follow.

The Menopause Mavens have written a book, and it will make every woman’s life easier, every crazy moment understandable, and share the power of sisterhood with all of the women who have been thrown into menopause’s alchemic cauldron.

It doesn’t last forever (though it feels that way), and you can create the best possible experience…

The Mavens are here to help!

100% of the profits of Amazon sales of this book are being donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)Our donations will be used to support NCADV’S vision to create a culture where domestic violence is not tolerated; and where society empowers victims and survivors, and holds abusers accountable.

You can support our mission by sharing this email with every woman you know who may benefit from this information and community, and of course, by purchasing your copy of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause from Amazon on September 1, 2015, between 8am and 3pm.

Please, get a preview peak of my chapter “The Masquerade is Over: Shedding Masks at Midlife.”

Thank you so much for supporting this project!

To your health!

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., your Midlife Midwife

Writing As a Process of Re-birthing

Yucatán, Palos bd et al 209

When last Fall Jane Ashley asked me to participate in her book project, Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause, I was going through a pivotal time in my life. I was about to become finally retired from my position as college professor and focus entirely on my holistic health coaching practice. I was also getting ready to leave the town I had lived in for the past twenty-seven years.

While I was tossing stuff I didn’t need anymore to make space and welcome a new stage in my life, I started gathering information to write a DIY guide towards an empowered and healthy menopause. I was also revisiting old journals, collecting information and quotes about my peri-menopause years, a time I felt I had barged through without too much awareness of the changes I was experiencing. What I discovered in my journals surprised me! In a very unconscious and deep way, I had been able to record feelings, body changes and profound transformations that revealed a great clarity about my passage through the Change.

I decided to use those journals as raw material to write my chapter for Jane’s book. The writing process was the most revealing experience I have ever had in many years. I was able to understand my younger self and forgive her for not being conscious enough as she underwent the preludes of menopause. This insight has helped me tremendously in my own practice as a Midlife Midwife to become more compassionate with my clients as I support them in their own rebirthing process.

I’m so grateful for Jane’s invitation to be a co-author of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause. My life will never be the same after this project.

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., Midlife Midwife,