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You are not alone: we’re doing this together

I began a recent teleclass by sharing the health issues that many of my health coaching clients have in their quest for vibrant health. At the end of the call, when I asked what had been something of value that my audience had heard, one of the listeners said that it was to realize that she was not alone in feeling some of the issues that I shared my own clients were feeling.

It is so reassuring that we are not alone, that we are all doing this Life thing together. It helps us reduce the anxiety, the guilt and the shame of not knowing really how to go about making changes and choosing higher. The power of community is really very helpful, not to commiserate with each other, but to realize that it is not necessary to isolate to lick our wounds when things seem not to be going the way our egos decide they should.

That is why I am starting a series of posts with this list of issues, and some recommendations on how to find solutions to them. My first post will just be the list, so you, my readers, realize that you too, are not alone. In upcoming posts, I will be focusing on each one of these topics and expanding on them.

For now, please comment below if you also are experiencing some of these issues:

  1. Emotional eating as a coping mechanism
  2. Disconnection from the body and hunger signals
  3. Food cravings and addictions
  4. Choosing “convenient food” over “healthy home-cooked food”
  5.  Mindless eating
  6. Poor elimination
  7. Lack of exercise
  8. Lack of self-care and alone time
  9. Low energy
  10. Low self esteem
  11. Fear and guilt
  12. Overwhelm
  13. A feeling of powerlessness
  14. Boredom, frustration, depression, confusion
  15. Difficulty in catching the vision of a purposeful life

Catch you in the next one!

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The Healing Power of Fermented Waters and Veggies Class at “El Nido,” Pacoima, CA

Last summer Tía Chucha’s invited me to teach a five-class series on the healing power of raw food for “El Nido,” an organization in Pacoima (one of the poorest cities in Los Angeles County), that promotes healthy dietary options to members of the community.

The first day I went to teach my un-cooking class,  I was delighted to see that most of my students were young boys! Some of them came with their mothers and older siblings. It was such a delight to get these boys and families exposed to the power of raw food, and support them in re-membering what their own ancestors used to eat. I had numerous stories like: “sí, mi abuelita preparaba licuados de nopal y espinaca, y fermentaba piña.” And an older gentleman shared: “When I was young, in Mexico, we used to go out to the woods after the rain and collect wild mushrooms.”

People, David Wolfe is just helping us remember how powerful these foods are, but all of us carry this information in our own cells, in our ancestral memory! Fermented foods are amazingly powerful pro-biotics, that help restore the healthy flora in our guts. Please try them! They are essential for a healthy diet, and all cultures do have some kind of fermented waters or cultured foods (curtido, sauerkraut, ceviche, tepache).

Please go to this link to check out the video of this class

You will learn how to prepare them here:

For recipes go to

I accept myself, no matter what

In this month of February, traditionally focused on “love,” I’m glad to see many articles and classes and teleseminars that address the concept of “self-love.” This seems really revolutionary, as usually Valentine’s Day is represented with images of romantic love, that many times very few of us can replicate in real life.  So, why is that so? Why is intimacy in a romantic relationship so difficult? Many times, because the partners have not fallen in love with themselves.  As long as we don’t truly love ourselves, we will not be able to attract the right partner to love in reciprocity.

And what does this have to do with raw food and cleansing–or even food justice!?–, you might be asking yourself. Well, it actually does. In order to love ourselves, we need to start a process of detoxing our emotional system from negative feelings like guilt and shame and fear. The practice of self-acceptance and forgiveness are perfect detoxifiers of clutter that usually impedes us to see clearly and open ourselves up to others.

As we honor ourselves, through daily gratitude, by keeping our agreements with ourselves and others, by being “impeccable with our words,” and always doing the best we can (yes, the Four Agreements are fresh in my memory right now), we will start to become aligned with our true selves–not the one that identifies with the hurt and injury that this life has caused us–but with that consciousness that participates in oneness with the intellingence of plants and birds, and the eternal changing of the seasons and the movements of the stars. We are part of that perfect order, we just tend to forget it.

So, these are some ways that help me release those negativities that tend to keep our vision blurred from our authentic identity. A daily discipline of

  • stillness, silence and aloneness
  • prayer
  • journaling
  • stretching
  • walking in nature
  • eating vibrantly live foods
  • forgiveness

These are some of the practices I recommend my clients to explore.

And, of course, an attitude of unconditional self-acceptance. No matter what we do, how much we “fail,” what mistakes we make, we forgive ourselves and try again. Always.

This is my humble gift to you in this Valentine’s season. Love thyself!