Juicy Breakthrough Session

Juicy Breakthrough Session

Dear Midlife Woman,

Do you realize that you have arrived to this stage in your life to shine your light and participate actively in the birthing of a new way of living on this Planet? That your life experience and wisdom are amazing contributions for this new era that we’re stepping into? That you have so many gifts and talents to share, that as you give away your treasures, you truly impact the lives of all those that come into your presence?

How would it feel like to be able to model this empowered way of being to those around you?

Let’s see if you’re ready…

  • Are you a woman who is seriously looking to step out of received notions about aging, reclaim her power and recover her juiciness?
  • How would it feel like to have mastery over your body, mind and emotions and dive full-on into a vibrantly healthy and fulfilled second half of your life?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself and receive the guidance and support you deserve to manage your symptoms holistically, in the most natural and empowered way?

As a Midlife Midwife, I’m passionate about supporting midlife women recover their enthusiasm and zest for life, as they release the baggage that keeps them stuck.

In this private 60-minute Juicy Breakthrough Session we look at 3 main areas:

1. I help you become crystal clear and identify what are the main challenges when it comes to your health and what’s keeping you stuck. That’s where the “breakthrough” part of the session comes in!

2. Together we then envision what your life would be like when you move beyond these challenges and reclaim your power.

3. Finally, I give you my best recommendations to help you get to a place where you’re living a vibrant and productive life, free of health concerns and worries.

We’ll also take a few minutes to explore whether we would be a good fit to work together.

No pressure, no strings attached… just a great conversation with someone who listens deeply, sees your magnificence and believes that you can rebirth into the most authentic expression of yourself.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply for a Juicy Breakthrough Session by scheduling an appointment and filling out the form.