Rebirth Yourself 30 Day Transformation and Detox


Imagine yourself as someone who 

*feels confident and vibrant in her own body

*practices exquisite self-care

*nourishes her body consciously

*owns her real beauty and the courage it took to get there

          My dear friend, do you feel it’s important to pay close attention to your physical, mental and emotional health, but don’t know how?

Maybe there are some issues that you have been neglecting, but now you have the firm commitment to start anew. So I invite you to release the guilt and join us in my popular forty days transformation and detox program.

This Rebirth Yourself 30 Days Transformation and Detox will enhance the natural vibrancy of your body by gently detoxing it from unnecessary debris. As you choose delicious seasonal plant-based foods with a clear intention of releasing the toxins that have been clogging up your system, you give birth to a clearer, stronger and more energized version of yourself.

Does this sound like you?

 *You found yourself over-indulging in high-calorie, carbohydrate-dense, extra rich foods and eating emotionally
*You look in the mirror and somehow, looking back at you, is a woman who is out of shape, bloated and has low energy
*You wish you could have a few moments of quiet, self-care time to unwind and restore
*You feel tired and sluggish, like your body is holding you back from who you used to be
*You desire accountability and support to get where you need to be (there’s nothing like having someone by your side!)


Rebirth Yourself 30 Day Transformation and Detox

          This program is designed to do more than just help you detox and release that extra weight – it’s designed to help you become truly happy… physically, emotionally and spiritually. I personally know what it’s like to experience what you’re going through – and I’m devoted to giving you the love and support that you need.

This approach is the result of weaving together both ancient and modern modalities for optimal health and vitality. You will be guided through effective, sustainable ways to attain optimal health in alignment with your personal tastes and lifestyle. You will be able to explore easy ways to find the right nourishment for this particular time in your life.

It’s time to..

Relax. Restore. Revitalize.

Detoxing is a foundational first step towards prioritizing your health, taking better care of yourself and achieving the lifestyle changes you desire. It’s a cleansing that allows you to reconnect with yourself, recover the power you have within you, get unstuck in many areas of your life and feel vibrant and energized again. In addition, the decluttering process will probably spill over other areas of your life that you had neglected.

I’ve designed this program to help you:

* lose weight
*jump-start your body towards optimal health
*reboot your digestive system
* reduce inflammation and cool you down
*strengthen your immune system
*balance your emotions
* feel more energized and vibrant
* open to a spiritual dimension

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What’s It All About?

I’ve been facilitating this effective, safe and personalized plant-based detox (+ optional juice fast) for many years with proven, incredible results. The Rebirth Your Life 30 Days Transformation and Detox offers you all the materials you need to “de-junk” your system and release physical, mental, emotional and environmental toxins.

I have designed this program with the experience I have gathered coaching hundreds of women on cleansing. It will afford you the time to prepare for the actual detox, gently ease out of the cleanse paying close attention to the foods that most naturally fit your body constitution. And we will address all the emotional toxins that start coming up as the cleanse prepares your whole energetic field to release unwanted debris. I have seen amazing results in my cleansers of not only losing weight and feeling more vibrant and healthy, but who are also finally able to get unstuck of paralyzing situations, draining jobs, unfulfilling relationships, toxic environments and so much more!

Once you enroll, you receive:

*Self-assessment tools to customize your detox program

*An easy, step-by-step guide on how to personalize this cleanse for your body and goals

*The guidance on how to find nourishing foods that satisfy your desires

*The dive-deep information that you’ve been wanting to know to safely, gently eliminate toxins

*A 30 minute video orientation of the cleanse instructions

*Video demonstrations of easy recipes (it takes out all of the guesswork!)

A 140 page manual jam-packed with information that you need including:                                        

*Daily meal plans

*Delicious yet simple recipes

*Home remedies

*Ingredient lists

*Two private coaching sessions with me

*Brief check-ins during the process

*A Facebook group to share your experience and get support from the community

Your investment of only $497 covers all the material provided and four private coaching sessions to support, guide and hold you accountable in your process

Superfood Option

 Participants are highly recommended to maximize the results of this program by enhancing it with the support of a premium beyond- organic, NonGMO, raw superfood kit (value $316). 

Intro to a raw food diet workshop in Buenos Aires, May 16, 2015

Intro to a raw food diet workshop in Buenos Aires, May 16, 2015

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., is a board certified Holistic Health Coach, international author and speaker, radio host and blogger. As a Midlife Midwife she supports women in midlife and beyond to move gracefully through their blocks and rebirth into a vibrant second half of their lives. With 35 years experience in self-development, health and wellness, Sirena believes in a holistic and empowered approach to life transitions through self-awareness, emotional, mental and physical detoxing. As a raw food educator and detox expert, she has been conducting seasonal community cleanses for over ten years.

The founder and facilitator of the monthly Wise Women’s Councils, Dr. Pellarolo is Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies from California State University, Northridge. She has authored and published numerous articles and two books on Latin American performance and gender studies, globalization and new social movements, focusing primarily on women’s empowerment. She is co-author–among others–, of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015), Journeys of Discovery (2019), from the series Divas That Care and Voices of the 21st Century: Bold, Brave and Brilliant Women Who Make a Difference (forthcoming September 2019). Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Midlife will be out in Summer 2019. She is currently working on a manuscript titled Post-Midlife Renewal: A Manual to Thrive in the Wisdom Years.


What changes will happen during this cleanse?

In addition to weight loss, cleansers describe

  • significant increase in energy
  • vitality
  • greater stamina
  • reduction of food cravings
  • reduction of allergy symptoms
  • more efficient digestion
  • radiant complexion and fewer blemishes.
  • release of unprocessed emotional baggage
  • an opening up to a spiritual dimension’
  • a renewed sense of joy, purpose and meaning of their life

Will I benefit more than just weight loss?

There are so many emotional, spiritual benefits to a cleanse like this one! In addition to reducing cravings and developing a new relationship with food to discover the joy of healthy eating, you’ll also:

  • Restore harmony and balance
  • Dissolve stress and restore emotional well-being, for greater happiness
  • Connect to a peaceful and loving core within
  • Open a doorway to a joyful and heightened awareness

Is this for me? 

  • Do you want to lose around 10 pounds but are confused on what to do next to take the weight off in a healthy, sustainable way?
  •  Are you ready to stop hiding out and start enjoying life the way it was meant to be lived?
  •  Do you realize that your weight loss and lifestyle changes will not succeed until you work through the fears and self-sabotage that consciously and unconsciously keep you from being your best self?
  •  Are you frustrated with the draining, complicated advice that you’ve been receiving?
  • Have you started – and stopped – diet and weight loss programs before because the approach was too confusing or you weren’t motivated?
  • Would you like to find natural ways of handling your health?

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of those questions and you want a simple, affordable, motivating program – one where you’re personally supported – then join me in this program where I’ll hand you my systems, tools, recipes and even the super foods I use…. So you can create the success and lifestyle you deserve.

My Rebirth Your Life 4-Week Detox is for YOU!

It is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking for a magic pill to whip you in shape
  • Believe that the answer lies outside of you, rather than IN you
  • Desire another gimmick that will give you short-term results

Why forty days? 

This isn’t lengthy because I want you to get motivated, get started and make desired changes right away. I designed this program because I know that you can do ANYTHING for six weeks, and this time gives you the opportunity to prepare for the cleanse, ease out of it gently, identify the types of foods that support your body, and allow for the emotional detoxing to happen organically. This cleanse is safe, gentle and effective and you personalize it according to your needs and body constitution. These forty days will dramatically jumpstart your healthy eating and lifestyle habits and you’ll see your energy level return to its optimal performance. Guaranteed!!!!

What Are Others Saying?

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It’s only $497!