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As Women, We Need to Re-Member…

three-faced Mayan Goddess Ix Chel

“My hands carry thousands of years worth of stories, medicine, healing and magic. The more I heal and hold space, the more I remember. The surges that come up for me in my midwifery journey heal the wounds, heal the trauma, heal the disconnections. As I step into my power more and more, I feel myself expanding, vibrating and connecting to the cosmos and ancestors on so many levels. It’s truly a surreal experience and no midwifery program can teach me to be a traditional midwife because it’s already in my veins, in my blood, in my hair, in my heart, in my breath, in my WHOLE being.”                                                                                         María Rivera, midwife apprentice and seer

What is it that, as women, we still remember? What is it that we have chosen to forget just to keep us safe? In this International Women’s Day I’d like to ponder on the power that we, as women, are reclaiming and still need to fully get in touch with within our own selves in order to effect a quantum leap of consciousness towards a more evolved humanity. I know we have the courage and determination to go deep into that ancestral pain and extract, with the aid of fish bones and spines, the pearls of wisdom that we have knowingly concealed.

Surrounded by so many brujas, fairies, doula and midwife-to-be friends, as a grandmother and as a Midlife Midwife myself, I am very in tune with the magical powers we carry within us that prompt us to move forward in each stage of our lives, helping us to rebirth ourselves like a Phoenix rising from its own ashes. I know we have everything it takes for us to be healthy, fulfilled and empowered and to support others in their own coming to life. It’s just a question of unplugging from the disempowering dissonance of the external noise and paying attention, simply tuning into our ancestral wisdom, the wisdom we carry in our bodies, as Maria consciously discovered.

“It’s safe for me to be powerful” has been an affirmation I’ve been repeating constantly for some time now, after an incredibly insightful energy healing session with sister midwife Karen Clothier, in which I viscerally got in touch with the pain and the terror of being punished by death for the powers I had wielded in some remote incarnation. We women still carry in our DNA the collective memory of our ancestors’ holocaust during the Inquisition and far beyond for just exercising our natural womanly powers to hold the tribe together, for healing and love. Quite threatening for a patriarchal paradigm where war and the use of utilitarian reason ruled!

We are indeed the survivors of that holocaust, and the more we are able to re-member, feel deeply, embody, forgive and then move beyond that identification with victimhood, will we allow ourselves to plunge into the rich quarries of accumulated knowledge and lived experiences stored in our cells. As we reclaim our authentic selves by recovering and healing the memories, we heal individually and necessarily participate in the collective raising of the planetary consciousness.

I feel very close to Mayan Moon Goddess Ix Chel, the three-faced deity of water, weaving and childbirth. In her representations as the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, she covers the three stages of women’s lives. As the Crone, she is an old midwife, the experienced elderly woman who supports mothers in childbirth, and the caretaker of children. My visit to her sanctuary in Cozumel, accompanied by a group of enlightened bruja-friends in a journey where we traced Mayan goddesses’ marks in the beaten path of the Yucatan, is still warm in my heart. This experience opened up a deep yearning to stay close to women’s circles, ceremony and devotion as a means to continue my evolution as a vessel and channel for the mystery of life.

Thank you, Sisters, for walking this path together, and for the courage to re-member and heal.