1015927_10101323354024813_1915030538_o“Before working with Sirena Pellarolo, I felt so sluggish and tired every afternoon that I had to take naps, but after our time together, I instantly had more energy, felt lighter, and was less bloated. As a result, I was able to spend more time focused on growing my business and serving my clients. I would absolutely recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to improve their health or is looking for a boost of energy.”
– Ashley Wilhite www.yoursuperawesomelife.com Business Coach for 20-something women

10010215_10201323195352742_269504760_o“Just before working with Sirena, I was feeling completely frustrated with my weight and overwhelming sugar cravings that I seemed to have no control over. I was thinking a cleanse might be a great way to reset my body and kick the out-of-control sugar cravings I was having. I was finding it hard to get started because in the past I hadn’t been successful with cleanses, and ended up quitting or feeling very deprived and miserable. It was perfect timing to see Sirena was offering a virtual cleanse, I was really excited because I was lacking the knowledge of how to choose a cleanse that was safe, effective and perfect for where I was at. I am so glad I chose to have this experience. She gave me so much insight, recipes and support throughout the entire process. During the cleanse I had so much energy and my body felt completely satisfied. It also completely kicked out the sugar cravings! I learned so much valuable information, that I will continue to use, that has helped me to change my eating habits to healthy, validating choices for my body. My skin was glowing and looked radiant, just like she said it would. In addition, I lost 7 lbs and feel great! I really enjoyed the support of the group as well. I became aware of detoxing old stuffed emotions, and began noticing what things would want to trigger me into emotional eating . Sirena is so very knowledgable about all aspects of the cleansing process and also has such a kind spirit. This process gave me so much more than I expected. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sirena Pellarolo.”
– Jennifer Gilchrist, the Blissful Bride Coach http://www.jennifer-gilchrist.com/bridal-hair-makeup-services/

Jessie LucasBefore working with Sirena Pellarolo, I was feeling stuck in certain eating patterns which were less than nourishing, and stuck in emotional habits tied to the eating. But after our time together, I was instantly able to feel an easy shift in letting these eating and emotional habits go. I was easily able to experience lightness and clarity. I would absolutely recommend Sirena Pellarolo because of her extensive knowledge about cleansing, her thorough and compassionate care during the process, and her deep understanding of the shifts that are possible with cleanses.
Jessie Lucas~ http://jessielucas.com


amelia“Before working with Sirena Pellarolo, I was feeling overweight, sluggish, dependent on caffeine to get me going in the morning and frequently feeling foggy in my thinking. I had tried to do a Cleanse that I have had great success with in the past, but I wasn’t able to stick with it. Once I committed to Sirena’s program, I felt the incredible support of her presence and vast knowledge in the field of health and particularly in the area of cleansing and detoxing. During the Cleanse, I felt like I could go at my own pace and really enjoyed the delicious recipes provided in the program.

I was amazed at how satisfying the blended meals were and how much my body liked eating such healthy food! My head fog cleared, my skin got rosy and healthy looking, my digestion eased and I slept deeply throughout the night.

The support of the private Facebook group was very inspiring and helpful to see how others were implementing their own Cleanses. Sirena would immediately respond to questions that arose for people during the Cleanse with such an amazing understanding of how the body works and what kind of support is needed during a detox.

This cleanse was a great help for me in preparing for a photo shoot. In only 9 days, I lost 6 pounds, my skin cleared up, and I felt refreshed and more at ease in my body than I had in the past year. I have wonderful new detox tools that I can continue to use whenever I want. I intend to use this Cleanse every few months to maintain this new found clarity and feeling of health in my body and mind.
Thank you Sirena!
Amelia Davis